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Transmission Swap or Rebuild?

For any car owners, they are well aware that doing transmission swaps is one of the biggest and most expensive repairs they'll make. There are multiple parts that need to be replaced depending on the problem that your transmission is dealing with. There are instances to which part replacement isn't the only thing to do but also, performing transmission replacement. Again, there are times to which transmission replacement is demanded for. The question is, how would you know when it is the right call and when it's necessary to perform transmission swap?

There are lots of factors that have to be taken into mind with regards to transmission repair and it is not always focused on part replacement. As what mentioned earlier, replacing the transmission fluid often helps in solving multiple problems in your transmission but not all. Oftentimes, there are parts that should be replaced like for instance, if there's a fluid leak, then the transmission seals ought to be replaced as well. Also, there are some parts of the transmission that don't require the transmission to be removed from the car's body since they are easily accessible. However, not all the parts can be accessed. Read more facts about St. Louis auto diagnostic services now!

To give you an example, if the mechanics are checking your transmission, they'll be diagnosing the transmission to see which part is the root cause of the problem. In the event that they are having a hard time identifying the cause, then it will force them to remove the whole transmission.

At this stage, the damage and expense is more serious. We are looking at the potential overhaul or transmission swap. In this case, it is having to rebuild the transmission part by part, piece by piece. Transmission swaps or replacement on the other hand will involve wholesale change of the transmission. It is usually ideal that you have the transmission replaced instead of getting it overhauled if you would like to save time and energy.

There are situations to which the problem is long gone or has struck serious issue at some of the transmission parts which require a replacement. While this is not a common scenario but these types of repairs really happen. The question now is, how often you should do transmission swaps.

Well, it depends but with proper care, you can expect your transmission to last approximately 160k kilometers. Again, you will be able to reach this figure given the fact that you put enough attention and of course, care to your transmission. You can find more information here about transmission swap.

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